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Combinable skin care based on pure aloe vera juice

Face creams by Santaverde organic skin care.

Our primary goal in product development is to bring out the full effectiveness of aloe vera in our products. Therefore, according to our formulation principle "Aloe instead of Aqua", we replace the usual water phase in cosmetics with pure aloe vera juice from our own controlled organic cultivation in all products of our six skin care lines.

Supplemented by valuable plant oils and extracts, we offer high-quality natural cosmetics for all skin types with our six different product lines, which can be adapted, mixed or combined with each other according to our Mix & Match principle to meet the different and daily changing skin needs.

Aloe Vera: All-rounder for skin care

Aloe vera has been used as a healing and beauty plant for thousands of years and is still considered an all-rounder in natural medicine today.

Infographic on the properties of aloe vera.

With over 200 different vital substances, aloe vera can be used for many skin problems such as wound treatments, burns, sunburns, or skin diseases such as acne, eczema, dermatitis or psoriasis. Not only does aloe vera offer a versatile spectrum of effects but its juice can also be drunk pure for beauty from within.

Our product lines at a glance

Our skin care products can be used within their respective product line as well as combined or mixed with products from other product lines - according to your individual skin needs and skin care goals.


classic Line from Santaverde organic skin care.

Flexible facial care for every skin type

The products of the classic facial care line offer a complete basic range, can be ideally combined with each other and offer formulations for every skin need.


pure Line from Santaverde organic skin care.

Soothing facial care against impure skin

The pure facial care line effectively combats skin impurities and prevents their reappearance without drying out or irritating the skin. The line is ideal for all skin problems associated with redness or inflammation.

age protect

age protect Line from Santaverde organic skin care.

Anti-Aging face care as hyperpigmentation treatment

The products of the age protect facial care line with the antioxidant nectar of the aloe vera flower prevent age-related changes in the skin. The active ingredient complex from plant roots contained in all products reduces pigmentation disorders.

XINGU age perfect

XINGU age perfect Line from Santaverde organic skin care.etik.

Anti-Aging facial care with antioxidant beauty plants from the Brazilian rainforest

The powerful anti-aging products of the XINGU age perfect facial care line with highly effective, hand-picked beauty plants from the banks of the Brazilian Xingu river achieve a noticeably firmer and more youthful skin feeling and a fresh radiance.

body care

body care Line from Santaverde organic skin care.

Regenerating body care with moisturising aloe vera

The effects of aloe vera also unfold in our body care product line. The products of the body care line have a regenerating and moisturising effect and provide both sensitive and dry skin with soothing care and a supple-soft skin feeling.

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