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Santaverde skin care routine principle: Individual skin care with Mix & Match

Santaverde Mix & Match principle

Our skin is constantly changing and is exposed to changing influences throughout the year and in the course of our lives, which have an effect on the appearance and needs of our skin. In addition to the natural process of skin ageing, the influence of nutrition, hormones, change of seasons and environmental influences play a decisive role in the skin's appearance.

Santaverde skin care routine principle: Simple recommendations and no prescriptions

At Santaverde Organic skin care, we do not believe in strict skin care prescriptions. With our aloe vera cosmetics and simple recommendations, we want to support our customers in feeling completely comfortable in their skin. Our skin care routine principle is based on four skin care routine steps which, thanks to the many possible combinations, make it easy for everyone to compile the right skin care routine for their particular skin needs and skin feeling.

The four skin care routine steps

  1. The basis of every facial care routine is thorough cleansing to free the skin from dirt and dead skin cells and to prepare it for the following skin care.
  2. Toning the cleansed skin with one of our five facial toners forms the next step and serves to hydrate and as a carrier system for further skin care.
  3. A basic care is then applied to keep the skin beautifully supple. Applied to the still toner-damp skin, the skin care is ideally distributed and quickly absorbed.
  4. Depending on the individual skin needs and skin condition, the special care can be applied as a supplementary skin care step (depending on the richness, applied before or after the basic care).
Graphic illustration Santaverde Skin care routine principle

    Based on this skin care principle, all our cosmetic products, including those from the different product lines, can be combined with each other to create a customized skin care routine.

    Daily new, individual and flexible: The Mix & Match principle

    Mix & Match principle: Santaverde serum or facial oil are mixed with the facial cream

    As individual as each person is, so are the needs of the skin. The skin, as our largest organ, is constantly changing and can also react very differently from day to day to external circumstances, such as changes in the weather, or internal conditions, such as stress. Santaverde's skin care objective is to respond flexibly to these changing skin conditions on a daily basis with just a few products. The Mix & Match principle makes it possible to adjust the daily skin care routine to the current skin needs.

    Graphic illustration Santaverde Mix & Match Principle

    If the skin needs a lighter care and above all moisturisation in spring, the addition of a moisturising serum or gel, e.g. hydro repair gel, can make the face cream a little lighter.

    If, on the other hand, the skin shows dry, rough areas, a slightly richer skin care can help. With a few drops of a lipid-containing facial oil, such as extra rich beauty elixir, the usual facial cream becomes a rich and regenerating skin care booster.

    If the skin is particularly stressed and needs rebuilding skin care, the extra rich cream & mask intensively nourishes dry skin.

    The firming collagen drops (without fragrance) can be mixed into any skin care cream and provide the skin with collagen-stimulating active ingredients. Mixed into the cream, the probiotic drops (unscented) strengthen the microbiome and the skin barrier.

    The bakuchiol drops (unscented) with the plant-based retinol alternative bakuchiol support the basic care with regenerating, firming, antioxidant and anti-inflammatory effects.

    The hyaluron duo treatment (without fragrance) is an effective ampoule treatment for moisturising the skin. The age protect intensive treatment with pigment-damage-reducing active ingredients is the ideal treatment after a sun-intensive holiday or at the change of seasons.

    Order according to richness: the layering principle

    All Santaverde basic and special care products can be mixed or applied one after the other, depending on the skin's needs. With the so-called layering, the order is important: Light, moisturising products such as gels or serums should be applied after cleansing and toning and before the cream. Rich, nourishing special care products such as oils are applied after the cream. Products with sun protection should always be the last skin care step.

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