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Our Active ingredients

Aloe Vera plant

The production of first-class active ingredient cosmetics based on social responsibility and respect for nature has always been a central concern of Santaverde. Founder Sabine Beer was already convinced that a high, organic quality of the ingredients determines the effectiveness of a product on the skin and the entire organism.

This is why we set the highest standards in the selection of natural ingredients for our organic skin care and try, wherever possible, to source them from controlled organic farming, fair trade or wild collection. The highly effective basis of our natural cosmetic formulas is pure aloe vera juice from our own controlled organic cultivation. Even pure juice from the inner leaf of the aloe vera plant is a powerful complex of active ingredients for the skin and the entire organism.

We supplement this lead active ingredient with intelligently combined plant oils and extracts as well as high-tech natural substances for a unique effect on the skin - regenerating, moisturising and binding, soothing and protecting, depending on the skin's needs.

In our active ingredient glossary, we have compiled the most important lead active ingredients of our organic skin care and their effects on the skin.


Acai oil

Acai berries

INCI: Euterpe Oleracea Fruit Oil

Oil obtained from the purple-black fruits (açaí berries) of the açaí palm, native to Brazil, is impressively rich in antioxidants, essential fatty acids (omega-3,omega-6, omega-9), plant sterols and vitamin C. It neutralises free radicals, revitalises and strengthens the skin’s natural properties.

Almond oil


INCI: Prunus Amygdalus Dulcis Oil

Sweet almond kernel oil is rich in oleic acid, and vitamins E and A. It prevents dry skin, and has a nourishing and regenerative effect. It is highly effective at combating skin redness.

Aloe Vera flower extract

Field of aloe vera plants in bloom

INCI: Aloe Barbadensis Flower Extract

Once a year, between January and April, our aloe barbadensis ‘Miller’ plants produce vibrant yellow flowers at our Santaverde Finca in Andalusia. Each of the lanceolate perennial plants grow numerous small calyxes containing precious nectar. As soon as they are ripe, the flowers are carefully harvested by hand, sorted and pressed to produce an antioxidative elixir in the Santeverde Laboratorio, surrounded by aloe vera fields. Carefully harvesting and processing the flowers ourselves by hand is the only way to guarantee that the aloe vera flowers retain all of their precious active compounds.
The scientifically proven antioxidative effect of the nectar from the flowers helps protect the skin against oxidative stress caused by free radicals, which can lead to premature skin aging. Polyphenols, a group of powerful antioxidants, found in the flower’s nectar work to neutralise free radicals, effectively strengthening the skin barrier in a natural way.
* see dissertation ‘Phytochemisches Screening der Blüten von Aloe vera (L.) Burm. f. (Aloe barbadensis Mill.) und Bestimmung ihrer antioxidativen Kapazität’ by Dr. Shirin Keyhanian, Hamburg, 2008.

Aloe Vera juice

Aloe vera slices from Santaverde Finca

INCI: Aloe Barbadensis Leaf Juice

Aloe vera juice contains numerous ingredients in the form of plant compounds, including vitamins, minerals, amino acids, enzymes, secondary phytochemicals in addition to mono and polysaccharides, to name but a few. The quality of aloe vera juice is measured based on its aloverose content. This unique molecule is only found in gel produced by the aloe vera barbadenis ‘Miller’ plant. A high aloverose content indicates a high concentration of powerful vital substances, resulting in a deeper effect on the skin. The particularly high concentration of aloverose found in our plants can be attributed to the microclimate in Andalusia and the highest possible preservation of the plant’s natural characteristics during cultivation and processing. Pure aloe vera juice nourishes and binds moisture to promote natural skin regeneration, revitalise cells, and calm irritated skin. In place of conventional water, we use aloe vera juice as the main component in our cosmetic products.

Andiroba oil

Andiroba nuts

INCI: Carapa Guaianensis Seed Oil

Liminoids found in the seeds of the Brazilian andiroba tree have an anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial and impressive regenerative effect. High concentrations of unsaturated fatty acids deeply nourish the skin. Ideal for sensitive and dry skin.

Apple extract

Apples on a tree

INCI: Pyrus Malus Fruit Extract

Apple extract contains vitamin C, polyphenols and quercetin. It helps to protect against oxidative stress, strengthens cells, balances oil production and revitalises the skin.

Apple juice


INCI: Pyrus Malus Fruit Juice

Apple juice contains vitamin C, polyphenols and quercetin. It helps protect against oxidative stress, strengthens cells, balances oil production, revitalises the skin and gently exfoliates dead skin cells.

Apricot kernel oil


INCI: Prunus Armeniaca Kernel Oil

Delicately nutty-scented oil obtained from apricot kernels helps to revive the skin’s elasticity and to restore, calm and regenerate the skin thanks to its high concentration of omega-6 and omega-9 fatty acids (i.e. linoleic and oleic acid).

Argan oil

Argan nuts

INCI: Argania Spinosa Kernel Oil

Argan oil, derived from the nuts of the aragania spinosa tree, has an antioxidative, nourishing, soothing and cell-stimulating effect thanks to its high concentration of unsaturated fatty acids, plant sterols and vitamin E.

Avocado oil


INCI: Persea Gratissima Oil

Avocado oil contains an impressively high concentration of oleic acid, plant sterols, lecithin, vitamins E and A, which nourish the skin, regenerate cells, strengthen the skin barrier and keep extremely dry and scaly skin stay looking smooth and supple.


Babassu oil

Babassu fruits

INCI: Orbignya Oleifera Seed Oil

The semi-dry oil found in seeds obtained from the babassu palm, native to Brazil, is rich in lauric acid, myristic acid, palmitic acid and oleic acid, resulting in its calming, anti-inflammatory and moisturising effect.


Babchi-Plant with flower

INCI: Bakuchiol

Made from the seeds and leaves of the Indian Babchi plant, Bakuchiol is a herbal and mild alternative to retinol. Retinol is a form of vitamin A and is known for its regenerative, skin rejuvenating and anti-inflammatory effects. However, retinol often causes irritation or allergies. Bakuchiol has the same positive properties as retinol, but is much better tolerated by sensitive skin. The effect spectrum of bakuchiol ranges from regenerating and collagen-stimulating to anti-inflammatory, antimicrobial, soothing, sebum-regulating and balancing, making it so versatile in skin care.

Brazil Nut oil

Brazil nuts

INCI: Bertholletia Excelsa Seed Oil

Oil obtained from the seeds of the Brazil nut tree, native to the Amazon rainforest, have a moisturising, antioxidative and nourishing effect thanks to its linoleic acid, vitamin E, vitamines B, plant sterol, mineral and selenium content.



INCI: Bromelain

The mild fruit enzyme bromelain found in pineapples removes skin scales and dirt particles and refines the skin.

Butcher's broom extract

Butchers Broom

INCI: Ruscus Aculeatus Root Extract

The extract obtained from the roots of the butcher’s broom shrub is rich in saponins and tannins. It stimulates cell metabolism, tightens the skin and removes blockages.


Cacao butter

Cacao beans

INCI: Theobroma Cacao Seed Butter

Cacao butter, the vegetable fat extracted from the cacao bean, is rich in oleic, palmitic and stearic acids. It protects the skin’s sensitive barrier, and restores and nourishes the skin. It gives the skin a velvety-soft feeling.

Cashew juice


INCI: Anacardium Occidentale Extract

The vibrant orange fruits of the cashew tree, cashew apples, are rich in vitamins, minerals, and, above all, antioxidants (vitamin C, polyphenols, carotenoids). Cashew apple juice effectively combats free radicals and oxidative stress, which lead to premature skin aging.

Cassia Alata leaf extract

Cassia Alata plant

INCI: Cassia Alata Leaf Extract

The extract obtained from the leaves of the tropical senna alata tree, also known as cassia alata, contains a high concentration of flavanoids and helps to repair skin damage caused by sun exposure.



INCI: Kaolin

Mineral clay helps to eliminate toxins, mineralise the skin and release excess sebum.

Coconut oil


INCI: Cocos Nucifera Oil

Fairtrade virgin coconut oil used by us is rich in lauric and myristic acids and is highly nourishing, preserves the skin’s elasticity, protects the sensitive hydro-lipid balance and soothes skin.

Collagen Amino acids

Amino Acid molecules

INCI: Collagen Amino Acids

The collagen amino acids produced by enzymatic hydrolysis from corn, soy and wheat protein promote moisture retention in the skin and have a positive effect on skin density.

Cottonseed oil

Cotton plants

INCI: Gossypium Hirsutum Seed Oil

Due to the fatty acids it contains, cottonseed oil, which is made from dried cottonseeds, has a skin-caring, soothing, smoothing and moisturising effect. It promotes cell renewal and helps to make rough and chapped skin smooth and supple again.

Cupuacu butter

Cupuacu fruits

INCI: Theobroma Grandiflorum Seed Butter

Plant butter obtained from the seeds of the Brazilian cupuaçu tree contains oelic acid, stearic acid and plant sterols, melts easily on the skin and is quickly absorbed. It boosts the skin’s elasticity and moisture retention and has a natural repair effect.


Elderflower extract


INCI: Sambucus Nigra Flower Extract

Elderflower extract is rich in flavonoids, vitamin C and anthocyanin, and has a soothing, anti-irritation and restorative effect on the skin.

Evening Primrose oil

Evening primrose

INCI: Oenothera Biennis Oil

Oil obtained from the seeds of the evening primrose plant is rich in linoleic and gamma-linoleic acid. It helps to soothe and calm irritated and inflamed skin, strengthens the skin barrier, is highly effective against skin redness and promotes the regeneration of the skin’s lipid structure. Especially recommended for dry, flaky and neurodermic skin.

Eyebright extract

Eyebright flower

INCI: Euphrasia Officinalis Extract

The aucubin and flavanoids found in eyebright extract produce a soothing, anti-inflammatory, calming effect, and help to reduce swelling.




INCI: Gluconolactone

Suitable for highly sensitive skin types, the PHA acid gluconolactone is derived from the fermentation of dextrose obtained from corn. It gently exfoliates the skin, strengthens the skin barrier and simulates cell regeneration.

Grape seed oil


INCI: Vitis Vinifera Seed Oil

Grape seed oil has an antioxidative effect and maintains the skin’s natural elasticity thanks to its polyphenols, vitamin E, lecithin, linoleic acid and proanthocyanidins. It absorbs quickly without leaving a sticky feeling.

Grapefruit oil


INCI: Citrus Grandis Peel Oil

Grapefruit essential oil has a stimulative and reinvigorating effect in addition to a fresh fragrance.

Green tea extract

Green tea plants

INCI: Camellia Sinensis Leaf Extract

The caffeine, polyphenols and tannins found in green tee help to neutralise free radicals, stimulate cell metabolism, tighten the skin and remove blockages.

Guarana extract

Guarana plants

INCI: Paullinia Cupana Seed Extract

Guarana seed extract, obtained from the seeds of the guarana fruit native to the Amazon basin has a stimulating effect on the skin’s metabolism, promotes circulation and reenergises the skin thanks to its tannin, proanthocyanidin, caffeine, theophylline and theobromine content.


Hyaluronic acid

Hyaluronic acid

INCI: Sodium Hyaluronate

Hyaluronic acid, biotechnologically obtained through fermentation, hydrates and plumps the skin, improves the skin’s moisture retention, protects the skin barrier, promotes elasticity, and helps to smoothen and tighten skin.


Ivy extract

Ivy plant

INCI: Hedera Helix Leaf/Stem Extract

Ivy leaf extract contains saponins, caffeic acid derivatives and flavanoids that stimulate cell metabolism, promote circulation and remove blockages.


Jojoba oil

Jojoba fruits

INCI: Simmondsia Chinensis Seed Oil

Oil obtained from the seeds of the drought-resistant jojoba shrub has a waxy consistency, similar to sebum found in the skin. It is rich in gadoleic acid, an omega-9 fatty acid, and contains vitamins B and E, provitamin A, minerals and simmondsin. Jojoba oil soothes the skin, helps it to maintain moisture and boosts elasticity.


Large-headed Atractylodes, Milk-vetch Root, Sickle hare's ear

Plant Roots

INCI: Atractyloides Macrocephala Root Extract, Astragalus Membranaceus Root Extract, Bupleurum Falcatum Root Extract

The active substance complex obtained from the roots of the large-headed atractylodes, milk-vetch root and sickle hare's ear is rich in polysaccharides, triterpenoid saponins, isoflavonoids, amino acids, fatty acids and minerals. It minimises the emergence of pigmentations and helps to prevent reoccurrences. It also improves the skin’s evenness and glow, stimulates collagen synthesis and strengthens the skin barrier.

Lactobacillus ferment lysate


INCI: Lactobacillus Ferment Lysate

The natural probiotics obtained biotechnologically through the fermentation of lactic acid bacteria (Lactobacillus) promote cell renewal, improve the skin's barrier function and also strengthen the skin microbiome.

Lavender flower extract

Lavender field

INCI: Lavandula Angustifolia Flower Extract

Oil derived from lavender blossom has a calming, anti-irritation and relaxing effect on the skin.

Lavender oil

Lavender field artificial mood

INCI: Lavandula Angustifolia Oil

Essential lavender oil calms the skin and reduces irritation.

Lemon oil

Lemons on a tree

INCI: Citrus Limon Peel Oil

Essential Lemon peel oil has a reinvigorating and refreshing effect in addition to a fresh fragrance.

Lemon verbena extract


INCI: Lippia Citriodora Leaf Extract

Lemon verbena extract contains caffeic acid derivatives and flavanoids that have a refreshing, soothing and calming effect on the skin.

Lemon verbena hydrolate

Lemon verbena

INCI: Lippia Citriodora Flower/Leaf/Stem Water

The hydrolate produced by steam distillation of the dried or fresh blossoms of lemon verbena provides a fresh, invigorating, slightly citrusy fragrance.

Lemongrass oil

Lemon grass

INCI: Cymbopogon Schoenanthus Oil

Lemongrass essential oil has a stimulative and toning effect in addition to a fresh fragrance.

Linden blossom hydrolate

Linden blossom

INCI: Tilia Cordata Flower Water

The hydrolate, which is obtained by steam distillation from the blossoms of the linden or lime tree, has a moisturising, clarifying, anti-inflammatory and soothing effect. Redness of the skin is thus alleviated.

Lycopene from tomatoes


INCI: Solanum Lycopersicum Fruit Oil

The oily extract obtained from tomatoes is a highly antioxidative carotenoid that protects sensitive DNA found in cell nuclei against free radicals and improves skin firmness.


Mandarin oil


INCI: Citrus Nobilis Peel Oil

Mandarin essential oil, obtained from mandarin peel, has a thymoleptic and harmonising effect in addition to a fresh fragrance.

Mango kernel butter


INCI: Mangifera Indica Seed Butter

Mango kernel butter has a soothing effect and helps to preserve the skin’s natural elasticity thanks to its oleic and stearic acid content.

Milk Thistle seed oil

Milk thistle

INCI: Silybum Marianum Seed Oil

Milk thistle seed oil is rich in unsaturated fatty assets (linoleic and oleic acid), strengthens the skin barrier and deeply nourishes and restores skin.

Mineral pigments

Golden mica pigments
INCI: Mica

Mica is a fine mineral powder and has an optical soft-focus effect.


Omega-9 Ceramide from olive oil

Olives on a tree

INCI: Olive Oil Aminopropanediol Esters

Omega-9 ceramide extracted from olive oil protect the skin’s collagen fibres, minimise loss of elasticity and help to strengthen and tighten skin.


Pansy blossom

Pansy blossoms

INCI: Viola Tricolor Flower Extract

Pansy blossom extract contains tannins and salicylate, which help to reduce inflammation, cleanse the skin, regulate sebum and have an anti-bacterial effect.

Paracress extract

Paracress plants

Acmella Oleracea Extract

Paracress extract, obtained from the Brazilian jambú plant helps to relax tense facial muscles and has a calming and smoothing effect on the skin thanks to its spilanthol (also known as organic botox) content.

Passion fruit extract

Passion fruits

INCI: Passiflora Incarnata Herb Extract

Passion flower herbal extract boosts the skin’s elasticity, activates collagen production and protects the skin thanks to its concentration of flavonoids, essential oils and coumarin derivatives.

Passion fruit seed oil

Passion fruit seeds

INCI: Passiflora Edulis Seed Oil

Passion fruit seed oil is rich in linoleic acid and vitamin E. It helps to boost the skin’s elasticity, promotes collagen productions and moisture retention, and strengthens the skin barrier.

Plum kernel oil

Plum kernels

INCI: Prunus Domestica Seed Oil

The organic plum kernel oil produced by gentle cold pressing has a gentle marzipan note and is rich in unsaturated oleic acid and linoleic acid. In its fatty acid composition, it is similar to apricot kernel oil and almond oil. The oil protects the skin from drying out and has a nourishing effect.


Raspberry seed oil


INCI: Rubus Idaeus Seed Oil

Raspberry seed oil is rich in omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids such as alpha-linoleic acid, linoleic acid, stearic acid and oleic acid. It promotes the skin’s elasticity, nourishes the skin, protects cells and has an antioxidative effect. It is particularly well suited to the treatment of mature and sensitive skin.

Rockrose extract

Rock rose flower

INCI: Cistus Incanus Flower Leaf/Stem Extract

Rockrose extract is rich in polyphenols and has an antioxidative and regenerative effect.

Rose blossom hydrolate

Rose in bloom

INCI: Rosa Damascena Flower Water

Discreet rose blossom hydrolate has a calming, balancing and anti-bacterial effect on the skin.

Rosehip seed oil

Rose hip fruits

INCI: Rosa Canina Fruit Oil

Rosehip seed oil is rich in alpha-linoleic acid, linoleic acid and antioxidative carotenoids. It contains essential minerals and vitamins such as zinc, calcium, magnesium, sodium, iron, copper, phosphorous, provitamin a (beta-carotene), vitamin E, vitamin B1 and B2, and vitamin C. It helps to reduce redness, alleviates skin irritation and inflammation, has a soothing and regenerative effect, and is quickly absorbed by the skin without leaving a film (dry oil).

Rosemary hydrolate

Rosemary leaves

Rosmarinus Officinalis Flower Water

Rosemary hydrolate has an anti-bacterial, revitalising, clarifying and inflammation-regulating effect thanks to its tannin and flavonoid content.

Rosemary leaf extract

Rosemary leaves

INCI: Rosmarinus Officinalis Leaf Extract

Rosemary leaf extract has an anti-bacterial, revitalising, clarifying and inflammation-regulating effect thanks to its tannin and flavonoid content.


Sea Buckthorn extract

Sea buckthorn fruits on a tree

INCI: Hippophae Rhamnoides Fruit Extract

Sea buckthorn extract helps to protect cells, regenerate the skin and reduce inflammation thanks to its high vitamin C content (higher than in lemons), carotenoids and flavonoids.

Sea Buckthorn oil

Sea buckthorn fruits on a tree

INCI: Hippophae Rhamnoides Fruit Oil

The oil from sea buckthorn berries, obtained through particularly gentle CO2 extraction, has an antioxidant, cell-protective, regenerating and anti-inflammatory effect due to its high vitamin C content (higher than in lemon), carotenoids, flavonoids and palmitoleic acid.

Seaweed extract

Sea weed

INCI: Chondrus Crispus Powder

Red algae extract helps to regulate the skin’s moisture levels, soothes the skin and reduces irritation thanks to its polysaccharide (primarily carrageenan) content. Marine algae extract also acts as a gelling agent.

Sesame oil

Sesame seeds

INCI: Sesamum Indicum Seed Oil

Sesame seed oil has a nourishing and regenerative effect thanks to its oleic acid, linoleic acid and lecithin content. It penetrates deep into the skin and acts as an optimal massage oil.

Shea butter


INCI: Butyrospermum Parkii Butter

Shea butter helps to nourish and regenerate the seed thanks to its linoleic acid, omega-3 fatty acid, plant sterol and vitamin E content. It demonstrates excellent skin smoothing properties.



INCI: Silica

Silica, also known as silicic acid, is made from quartz sand and has an optical soft-focus effect.


Green olive branch

INCI: Squalane

Squalane found in olive oils maintains the skin’s natural moisture levels and leaves skin feeling soft. Especially recommended for sensitive, dry, chapped or flaky skin.

Spirulina extract

Spirulina powder on a wooden spoon

INCI: Spirulina Maxima Extract

The extract from dried spirulina algae is rich in polysaccharides, peptides and calcium. It stimulates the skin's collagen production, strengthens its resistance and increases skin density. The skin becomes firm, smooth and supple.


Thistle oil


INCI: Carthamus Tinctorius Seed Oil

The semi-dry oil from safflower seeds contains vitamins E, A and K as well as exceptionally high amounts of linoleic acid. It is very light, absorbs quickly and has a mattifying effect, which makes it particularly recommended for oily skin.

Thyme hydrolate

Thyme in bloom

INCI: Thymus Vulgaris Flower Water

Thyme hydrolate helps to reduce inflammation, regulate sebum, clarify and revitalise skin thanks to its antioxidative flavonoids and tannins.

Tiger grass extract

Tiger grass

INCI: Centella Asiatica Flower/ Leaf/ Stem Extract

Tiger grass extract contains saponins and asiaticoside, which has a tightening, anti-bacterial and tissue repair effect on the skin and helps to boost elasticity.

Tiger nut oil

Tiger nuts

INCI: Cyperus Esculentus Root Oil

The oil obtained from the tubers of the tigernut tree (cyperus esculentus) is rich in oelic acid and vitamin E, and helps to promote elasticity, protect cells and has an antioxidative effect.


Vanilla extract

Dried Vanilla beans

INCI: Vanilla Planifolia Fruit Extract

The extract from the dried vanilla pods, obtained by means of particularly gentle CO2 extraction, provides a delicate fragrance thanks to the aromatic substance vanillin.


Willow bark extract

Willow bark

INCI: Salix Nigra Bark Extract

Willow bark extract is rich in salicylates and tannins. It helps to promote cell regeneration, and has a horn-dissolving and antibacterial effect.


Zinc lactate

Zinc in petri dish

INCI: Zinc Lactate

Zinc lactate obtained through the fermentation of zinc salt and lactic acid has a deep, antibacterial, inflammation-regulating, sebum-regulating and tissue repair effect.

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